Question: If I bet on your forecast, he will definitely play ?

Putting a bet on our forecast, you will get a very good chance of winning, but remember that each forecast can give a negative result - therefore, never put the whole bank on one event. That's why we offer you not one forecast, but a set of three - five rates. In this case, the probability of a positive outcome is higher. After all, as you yourself guess, no one can give a 100% guarantee of the outcome to a sporting event, and if some forecasters state this, then these statements are nothing more than advertising.

Question: Do you sell your forecasts or are they all free ?

We publish free-of-charge forecasts on the site, but we also have paid rates. One, two bids will always be published under free of charge, in order to purchase a paid forecast, you can contact me in our group on VKontakte. So it will be more correct, you will be able to make sure that I will not take the money and will not disappear after looking at my reviews in the group and the statistics of our game.

Question: If I buy from you a forecast, where and when can I get it ?

Forecast you will receive after payment to your e-mail, or in a group of VC, as it will be more convenient for you. In the near future, we will have more opportunities on the site, among them there will be such an opportunity as buying a forecast on the site. It is important for many clients to know that they will not be deceived. Therefore, always want to make sure that you will not give money simply to the emptiness, for this there is an opportunity to visit our group and see for yourself.

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